The Center for Comprehensive Wellness (CCW) has designed and conducted innovative research in the field of nutrition and integrative therapies for pediatric patients and their families since 1998.  While much has been learned about the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) with adults with cancer, few studies have focused on the needs of children and their families.  Our clinical studies have pioneered the safe integration of nutritional therapy and CAM into conventional medical care within the United States and abroad. 


CCW is in the vanguard of clinical studies actively investigating psychosocial support and survivor wellness. Our research provides valuable information about this critical component of care with pediatric hematology, oncology and stem cell transplant patients, ranging in age from infancy through adolescence and adulthood, both during and after medical treatment. Additionally, our psychosocial research has also included assessing specific needs of each family upon initial diagnosis,  as well as implementing cognitive behavioral therapy interventions for parents while their child is undergoing medical treatment.  Lastly, the team has lead numerous research studies investigating the late effects of treatment for such diagnoses as brain tumors, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, stem cell transplantation, etc. to provide targeted interventions to support and to improve the overall level of cognitive, academic and emotional functioning for survivors.