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Our History


Over the past 20 years, Integrative Therapies Program (ITP) within the Center for Comprehensive Wellness (CCW) has dramatically expanded from a fledgling program that was established with the goal of implementing “alternative medicine” and determining how it could have a central role in oncological treatment. It has developed into one of the leading integrative medicine programs in the world receiving more than $1M annually in grant and philanthropic funds to advance the science in nutrition and integrative medicine. Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) and ITP are committed to providing the latest breakthroughs in integrative care, as well as implementing a comprehensive protocol that combines progressive research and traditional scientific methodologies. Dr. Ladas has leadership roles within the Department of Pediatrics, Herbert Irving Cancer Center, and the Medical Oncology group within CUMC. She is also the first appointee to the Sid and Helaine Lerner Professorship for Global Integrative Medicine. She also holds invited faculty positions at the Institute of Human Nutrition (IHN), CUMC and the Department of Epidemiology and the Mailman School of Public Health. Dr. Ladas’s research has been credited with establishing the first accepted protocol for integrating non-traditional oncology treatments for cancer into a science-based research and treatment center. These treatments include nutrition, dietary supplements and acupuncture. Dr. Ladas has also developed a global network of collaborative partners who are world renowned leaders in the fields of oncology, nutrition, and integrative medicine. ITP’s model has been recognized by the NIH as a leading, state of the art, break-through treatment protocol that will enhance the traditional methods of fighting cancer by examining the next generation of clinical, operational, and scientific questions facing the field of nutrition and integrative medicine.